Artist Biography:

Tomoko Yamada is a Japanese born, fibre media artist, based in Broome Western Australia. She worked in photographic studio and graphic design production for fashion and art industry as management and creative director in Japan. At the same time, she was creating her conceptual artworks individually outside of the commercial viewpoint. In 2008 she moved to Australia and shifted to installation art, becoming an independent artist. Tomoko has since been specialising in fibre work. Her works have appeared in solo and collective exhibitions, she also gained experience in installation art. She interweaves conceptual process into tangible sculptural and installation creations with performative elements. Her art materials include a diverse range of fibre media including thread, yarn, fabric, tubing, string, cord, textile and paper. Tomoko’s multiform works are created using intricate fusions of weaving, stitching, twisting, netting, braiding, wrapping and crochet. Often her organic projects remain “works in progress” as she continues to play with the possibilities of her abstract musings. For Tomoko showing progress is part of her art, the flow of her inner life, the means of her artistic expression. She is also often inclined to unite two or more of her works at different times to enhance the conceptual value of an installation. Tomoko believes her inner life is revealed through her art for society and the environment. She says “I am exploring my conceptual values with fibre composition to communicate in the common language of threads.

photos by Ian Mcconnell

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