Title Undecided >>  Processing work 1 - creating base material

I prepared heavy ounce cotton tarp, rust irons and pindan for natural organic dye.

I wrapped them all together with wire rolled tie, then I burried them in my garden,

waited 2 months and now ready to dig it out.

Note >>>

This pindan came from secret place in Broome. Where the recent big rains caused the red pigment of the pindan to leach into a clay base. This colour... I say "native red", it has very deep and strong sense of sight and it comes into my soul. This texture... moist and sticky and very smooth, like clay or cream, but almost like mineral pigment.

Title Undecided >>  Processing work 2 - prepare for stitching

I go on to the next subject.

It changed colour when dried, so I will do stitching on it.

I sorted some different type of threads and yarns, but I will use only red colour.

Free form by my hand.... follow my imagination.

It will take a very long time. Beginning my new art journey....

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