• Tomoko Yamada

Threadlogue: March 2021

It nearly end of wet season.

It still very strong sunlight in the daytime.

Do you know that UV in Australia have 8 times as many as Japan. Hows UV in Broome?

I made small installation at my back yard, to use some sort of threads, cords and ropes. It is test of material conditions for futureing outdoor installation... progress report; colour faded, material worsen very fast! Only in 2 weeks! Hopeless and disappointed...

How survive with this killer of strong sunlight!!

and I am having try to some different media,

clay, wood, plastic, metal and painting...

for combine or collaborate with fibre media.

Some are good, some are not suit me.

I need more practice and searching.

Anyway it will make more possibility for my art forward... I hope!