Japonism Broome

Washi Jewellery

All Jewellery are handmade by Tomoko,
using Japanese antique “Kimono” fabric and “Washi”.

“Kimono” is a Japanese traditional garment, the material come from silk, linen, cotton. I selected them from Temple Antique Markets in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan.
“Washi” is a Japanese traditional paper, made from the long inner fibres from the trees and plants. I only use hand screened(silk or woodblock print) highest quality Washi, selected them from artisan Washi factory in Japan.
Jewellery parts also are of Japan made.
- 925 sterling silver and surgical stainless steel -
conforms with EU standards
All materials from Japan
Handmade in Broome

“Authentic Japanese Jewellery"

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